About Dark Moon Basenjis
Dark Moon Basenjis is a small scale breeding program located in northern New Jersey. Dark Moon started as a hobby for Veronica when she began showing dogs at age 11. Now 10 years later showing and breeding Basenjis has become a family hobby for Veronica and her father John Predale. 

Veronica got her first two Basenjis from the kind generosity of Bethany Redo. These two dogs (Dice and Nick) are the two that made her love the breed. She later acquired her third male Nixon from Catherine Ongaro and Julie and Kathy Jones and her first female Sleevy through Michael Work. 

​The Basenjis at Dark Moon are first and foremost pets. They live and are raised in the house, not a kennel. We breed to improve health, temperament, and then conformation. ​​All Basenjis at Dark Moon have their hips, eyes, and thyroid certified by OFA before being bred. Our Basenjis are also tested for PRA and Fanconi syndrome using the current test before being bred. We do this to try and maximize the health of all our puppies.​

​If you are interested in contacting Veronica about ​​future litters or about anything Basenji related please do not hesitate to email Veronica at: